FSF's Twenty's Plenty Day- October 3rd

The FSF, to whom the Canaries Trust is affiliated, announced earlier this year that a national effort would be made to highlight the issue of rising ticket prices and to campaign for reductions on October 3rd. This is being co-ordinated at the Norwich City End by the Barclay End Projekt and will be supported by other supporter groups including the Trust.
This is an important, but also very complicated issue with many differing arguments to consider but the inalienable fact is that more and more fans are being priced out of watching their team live. This is NOT a protest against Norwich City but an attempt to publicise the issues and the concerns of fans, because change will only become effective if it is instituted across the board. We have discussed the issue amicably with the club and we are respectful of each others position on this issue, which will hopefully be clear from any media work that we undertake.
We also note the club's recent announcement that they will be arranging their campaign to raise money for refugee children on the same day as the protest and we fully support that campaign and will be seeking volunteers from our membership to help with bucket collections before the Leicester game.