As you may be aware, last year was a momentous year for the Trust, with the historic Memorandum of Understanding signed with the club and a record number of shares acquired on behalf of the fans. However, that has taken its toll on our cash reserves and with several more big share deals on the table we need to raise more funds in order to be able to get them over the line. The support from our members has been fantastic but here are a few ways in which you can help us:

1. First and foremost, if you like the idea of what the Trust does then but aren't a member yet then please join us. It only cost £12 a year and you can do it online right now. For that you get a membership certificate making you an part owner of our shareholding and a quarterly newsletter as well as helping us buy more shares for the fans.

2. Join our 100 club for £5 a month and give yourself the chance of winning one of our two monthly prizes. Current prize levels (which will rise as more people join) stand at approximately £25 and £50 each month. More details are on this site.

3. If you're in business why not sign your company up for our new corporate membership? More details of the benefits of this can be obtained by emailing us at

4. We will soon be unveiling next season's Canary Challenge which costs just £3 to enter, so watch out for details coming soon.

5 Last, but not least, if you like to organise things and can commit some time then consider standing for the Trust board. Again, if you want to know more about what's involved then send us an email with a little bit of detail about yourself to