The OS Stadium Coalition notes the unanimous motion of the London Assembly that the rental agreement between the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) and West Ham United be published in full (‘Assembly blows full-time whistle on West Ham deal ‘secrecy’).

We also note that Assembly members made a direct reference to the ‘considerable public interest’, an interest that has coalesced around our campaign, which is specifically backed by 14 supporters’ trusts, individuals in their tens of thousands, other campaigners and frontbench and senior backbench MPs at Westminster as well as a number of London Assembly members.

We would like to issue our thanks to Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat members of the Assembly, all of whom have refused to allow this issue to disappear off the agenda. We ask that they continue to do as they have been, and further to continue to press London Mayor Boris Johnson to finally back with actions his own view in September that the terms of the deal should be published.

It is in the Mayor’s hands to place pressure on the LLDC to cease their frivolous appeal, currently set for the 25th January, and to finally place the deal, in full, into the public domain.