Olympic Stadium Coalition. What we don’t know about the deal between the LLDC and West Ham United

The following Press Release is a campaign update from the Olympic Stadium Coalition. In the weeks since the LLDC decided to appeal against the clear judgement of the Information Commissioner (ICO) that the commercial terms agreed between itself and West Ham United had to be published, we have continued to build our campaign, speaking with MPs, London Assembly members, and others. We have found near-universal support for our campaign amongst those we have met, and we continue to arrange meetings with interested individuals.
We have also assessed the most recent releases of the contract between the LLDC and West Ham United. This release is intended to clarify what exactly we now know about the agreement.
Although the LLDC was ordered to release in full the financial terms of the deal between itself and West Ham United for the hire of the Olympic Stadium on September 15th 2015, they are currently releasing information in dribs and drabs.
They have so far released three further versions of the agreement, all with continued substantial redactions.
Although the LLDC is clearly exercising a right to appeal against the decision of the Information Commissioner (ICO), we continue to contend that the LLDC is simply dragging its feet, and using procedural delays to attempt to ‘time out’ the campaign.
Representing as we do fourteen supporters’ organisations, thousands of members of the public, and with the support of MPs, London AMs and other civil society organisations, we will continue to make the same demands for transparency as we made when we set out on this campaign, because we believe that a fair deal for the taxpayer, is a fair deal for football.
For more about the campaign, its aims and its supporters, please go to our FAQ section, or get in touch via our email address: olympicstadiumcoalition@gmail.com
This is what we don’t yet know:
How much the stadium costs to hire
How much the stadium maintenance will cost, and who will pay for it
How much each party will earn from stadium naming rights
What happens to the stadium in the event of financial difficulties at stadium company E20
What happens if West Ham United is sold by its current owners
How much West Ham United earns from matchday catering
How many jobs are being ‘created’
How much office space is being provided to West Ham United and on what terms

You can read more on our website, where we’ve posted information about each of these issues, and why we think they matter.

For further information please go to https://oscoalition.wordpress.com
You can also contact the campaign via email at olympicstadiumcoalition@gmail.com

Editors notes:

We are a coalition of 14 supporters’ trusts and groups. We are groups representing tens of thousands of football supporters from across the country, and across the leagues.

• We are seeking the full publication of the financial terms of the contract agreed between Boris Johnson and the LLDC (London Legacy Development Corporation) and West Ham United FC
• This is about whether information about the financial agreement to use a publicly owned stadium by a privately owned football club should be a matter of public interest.
• This is about ensuring public money is used well, and that it is not used as a subsidy to give one football a financial advantage over others
We hope the deal will be published. If the LLDC appeals, the suspicion of a cover up will grow.
• This campaign has thousands of supporters, more than a dozen supporters’ trusts from across English football, politicians from the GLA and Parliament and campaign groups supporting it.

This campaign, calling for a public enquiry into West Ham’s rental of the Olympic Stadium, started with a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, and a petition on the Government website. It raced to the 10,000 signatures required for a Government response within 24 hours. Within a week it had reached 25,000.

Football supporters’ trusts and groups, representing tens of thousands of football fans, as part of the coalition are:

Arsenal Supporters’ Trust
Aston Villa Supporters’ Trust
The Blue Union (Everton)
Canaries Trust (Norwich City)
Charlton Athletic Supporters’ Trust
Chelsea Supporters’ Trust
Crystal Palace Supporters’ Trust
The Dons Trust (AFC Wimbledon)
The Foxes Trust (Leicester City)
Fulham Supporters’ Trust
Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust
Manchester United Supporters’ Trust
QPR1st Supporters’ Trust
Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust