The Canaries Trust goes Chilean

Over the years, as membership of the Canaries Trust has steadily grown, not unsurprisingly, we've picked up a handful of new members abroad; from Ireland, France, Belgium, Canada and the United States of America.

Often, these Canary fans are ex-pats, having travelled overseas, from Norfolk, or beyond, either for family or work reasons.

It therefore recently came as something of a pleasant surprise for the Trust to recruit its first member from Chile, Diego Echeverria.

We all have our own personal reasons for following Norwich City and we were therefore naturally curious to hear Diego’s story. A quick enquiry about his affinity to the Canaries received the following reply, which we thought was worthwhile sharing.

"I first became aware of the club during the 90's, but it wasn't until mid-2000's that I started to actively follow Norwich City. The Premier League has extensive worldwide coverage so it makes life easier for far-flung supporters, but the championship requires a bit more of engineering to be able to watch the games."

"Why I love Norwich City? It's a hard answer because there is no particular event that made me a supporter. I wasn't born in Norwich and have no roots in Norfolk what so ever. Nevertheless I care for the team and can proudly call it "my club."

"Maybe it was the atmosphere at Carrow Road, Holty's goals, Wessi's magic or the hard fought spirit of a team that has been able to battle in this league of riches, and keep loyal to their traditions."

"Therefore I absolutely support the Trust and I'm delighted to be a part of it."

"The club can have ups and downs in terms of success, but in the end when things are harder to achieve the satisfaction is ever more rewarding. In Chile, we had to wait 100 years to finally lift a trophy, and the wait was worthwhile when we beat Argentina in the Copa America final, twice!"

Welcome aboard Diego! OTBC