Trust AGM report

The Trust AGM was held last Thursday at Carrow Road. The Chairman reported a highly successful year in terms of share purchase and new memberships and stressed the need for the fans to have as large a shareholding as possible while confirming again that the Trust has no desire whatsoever to try to get a supporter onto the Club Board.

The Treasurer reported that the Trust had seen an increased income but also increased outgoings as a result of the purchase of nearly 300 ordinary shares and 1000 "A" Preference shares in the course of 2016. All Board members and officers offered themselves for re-election and this was carried unanimously.

The formal AGM was followed by a debate led by Rob Butler and Chris Goreham of Radio Norfolk who entertained the audience with their views on the season and anecdotes about their experiences. The Chairman stressed to members that it was important that they let the Trust know the issues that they wanted raised with the Club and a number of points were raised about improving the atmosphere at games and the interview given to the Times by the owners last year. Inevitably there were also many points raised about the performance of the squad and the manager over the last year, as well as the former Chief Executive.

The Trust board were delighted that the meeting was attended by Club director Tom Smith who noted a variety of issues that he will discuss with the Club Board and was very happy to chat with fans after the meeting.