Two new Canary books for Christmas!

With Christmas approaching our thoughts turn towards Canary based presents and while Tales from the City has been widely publicised (and will shortly be the subject of a separate review on this site), two lesser known titles are well worth a look. The first of these is Talk of the City, a book of 1000 City based quotes compiled by the former EDP journalist and lifelong City fan David Cuffley. While such books can be a little disorganised and consequently boring the author has done a great job of organising the quotes, which span the whole lifetime of the club, into easily digestible and coherent chapters covering such issues as the club's many financial crises, the FA Cup and "Some things are better left unsaid" which includes some well known gems such as Glenn Roeder's infamous "I must have missed your tenure as England manager" remark to a shareholder at an AGM as well as Chris Hughton's remark that "Ricky's profile is a perfect fit for us. He's young, ambitious and a proven goalscorer." about a certain Dutch striker....

There is a also a poignant chapter devoted to quotes from players and managers leaving the club, including those who had no idea that they were going when they were quoted, although whether that applies to Paul Lambert's statement that "I'm delighted that I'm at Norwich if that's what you're asking me. I have never said I wanted away. Not a thing have I said and people jump to conclusions." 8 days before resigning is a moot point!

Overall, this is a really interesting whistlestop tour through the many highs and lows of the club's history in the words of those that were there and as such is well worth a space on any fan's bookshelf.

The second book is rather more eclectic. Compiled by Derek Hammond and Gary Silke, "Got, not got; the lost world of Norwich City" is a series of vignettes that conjure up memories of a long lost past of rosettes, rattles and chewing gum card collections. Its full of lots of historic City based photographs including such evocative scenes as the interior of the City dressing room just after Steve Bruce's header against Ipswich had taken the Canaries to the 1985 Milk Cup Final. The photo captures a young fan sticking his head through the open window to shout his congratulations shortly before grabbing Louie Donowa's shirt and tie as a souvenir and disappearing into the night!

While it might all seem rather alien to young fans, anyone who was around in the 70s and 80s will find it highly entertaining and I'll leave the last word on it to my favourite football magazine When Saturday Comes "The real magic is the collection and display of the illustrative material of stickers, badges, programme covers, Subbuteo figures and other ephemera. It is astonishingly thorough, well presented, inspired and indeed, had me going" Yes, got, got, not got, forgot, never seen!"