Norwich City Atmosphere Meeting

Chris Clarke recently represented the Canaries Trust at the NCFC atmosphere meeting.  The meeting was well attended by representatives from the Club and invited fans and covered items including:

QPR – £5 ticket donation and £1 programme donation to the Community Sports Foundation.

Reading – Archant/BarclayEndNorwich campaign to get the River End atmosphere/noise increased.  Montages in Barclay and River End.

Discussion about jeering players and the impact it can have (this echoed the comments made by Stuart Webber at our recent AGM).

5,300 tickets sold for Wigan and 2,900 for Stoke.  Beam back for Stoke will be in the South Stand, with the whole stand on sale to fans.

Discussion around Premier League and how this causes issues with ticketing and availability, as there is inevitably an increase in away support, sometimes this is helped by an increased allocation, but not always.

A fan’s survey will be released again shortly.

The Club are looking to hold these meetings more regularly throughout the season and do it through blocks of games, rather than month by month.  This may help more with atmosphere during important games next season, especially if we are in the Premier League (come on, we will be, but just in case!!)


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