TUFSO Meeting Mar 19

TUFSO (The United Federation of Supporter’s Organisations) met in London recently.  This was my first meeting representing the Trust and the event was very well supported by 30 attendees from representative organisations across the Championship, League 1 and League 2.

Items that were discussed included an update on the new organisation (TUFSO being an amalgamation of Supporter’s Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation), including the fact that there will be a new, permanent name decided on soon.  TUFSO doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue!

We also discussed the future meeting format and potentially having sub-groups to work on individual issues, the Premier League/National League network update, flexible football rail ticketing, reciprocal away pricing, structured dialogue, pitch incursions and governance/clubs in crisis.

It was very interesting to hear from representatives of Bolton Supporters Trust, who on that very day were trying to salvage their club from the mess that has been allowed to unfold, and also the representative for Blackpool Supporters Trust, who conversely was happy to report on the recent success of Blackpool in ousting the Oystons.


Mandie Thorpe, Vice Chair



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