Trust Members take part in NCFSC social evening

On Thursday April 18th members of the Canaries Trust board Mandie Thorpe, Kathy Blake and Chris Clarke attended the NCFSC social evening and took part in their Games Night.

This included vice chairman Mandie Thorpe taking on fellow board member Chris Clarke in a game of Jenga that Mandie’s team won – although given her own part in the proceedings, this was surprising!!

Canaries Trust member (and Mandie’s Mum!) Trish Thorpe was one of only a few people to win at Play Your Cards Right, hosted by the TeamUPukki CanaryBall Rally team of Anita Byrne, David Powell and Lorraine Taylor.

It was a fantastic evening with fun had by all and we would love to see Trust members at NCFSC events in the future.

Further details of TeamUPukki’s CanaryBall challenge can be found via Twitter @pukki_u

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