Canaries Trust take part in Global Canaries Day

On Friday 19th April, before the match with Sheffield Wednesday, three members of the Trust board –  Andy Polly, Chris Newby and Chris Clarke – took part in the Global Canaries event held in the Gunn Club at Carrow Road.

Along with other supporter groups, we were given a presentation by the COO Ben Kensell, which covered the role he has at the club under the new structure but in place earlier in the year.  He also touched on Stuart Webber and Zoe Ward’s roles.

He discussed the great work that has occurred at Colney and went a little into the financial situation at the club at the moment.

This was followed by a Q&A session with Ben, Tom Smith representing the board and Grant Holt, who works with the Academy and as an ambassador for the club.

A whole range of subjects were covered and the openness of the forum is to be commended.


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