2018/2019 Canary Challenge – Winners Announced

After celebrating our team’s massive achievement this year, once the final Championship fixtures were completed, we were able to confirm the winners of this season’s Canary Challenge.

Winner – Stephen Thorndyke (@Zipperslf)

2nd place – Di Cunningham (@di_ceee)

3rd place – Martin James (@SwindonCanary)

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors;

Mr Mortgage Adviser (https://mrmortgageadviser.co.uk),

4Sports Group (https://www.4sportsgroup.com)

Medler Turf (https://www.medler-turf.co.uk)

For their continued support for our competitions.

We look forward to seeing you all again next season for our Premier League Canary Challenge 2019/2020!



C Challenge

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