Trust quarterly meeting with Ben Kensell on 18th July

It was noted that the Royal Norfolk Show had gone well and had been very successful for the Trust who had produced record receipts, partly due to the fact that the Club tent had been more professionally organised than in recent years.

The Trust requested up to date figures on memberships and these currently stand at:

7873 home memberships sold (of which 1561 are Standard)

6973 away memberships sold (of which 245 are Standard)

Ben explained that the consultation process on next season’s membership scheme will start in September and will involve a series of meetings, perhaps one with fan groups, another prioritising those who complained to the Club, and another with a selection of fans from each stand. Details to be announced soon.

Ben also confirmed that tickets for the executive away packages would come from the players’ allocation not from the allocation for fans.

The new matchday programme will have extra pages with a new style front cover. The Trust will have a regular feature in it.

Ben reported that promotion has resulted in considerable expenditure on ground improvements, most of which are Premier League requirements, such as new Perspex dugouts, extra camera platforms, new Mix zone, changes to changing areas, additional broadcasting requirements, VAR technology and a female officials changing room. However, there has also been a big programme of seat replacement in the City Stand and a revamped concourse with many more points of sale and improved toilets in the Regency Stand. This is part of an ongoing phased approach to improving the general infrastructure at Carrow Road. The fans survey has led to areas of focus around what needs to be improved first.

The issue of free sanitary products had been put back until the new Operations Manager takes up post at the end of August. They are already provided in hospitality areas, but the Club’s view was that general area toilets need to be upgraded before the service was extended to them. The Trust’s view is that while it is clearly imperative that toilet facilities are improved this can’t now happen until next summer and this is too long to delay the provision of free sanitary products given the number of clubs already signing up to the On the Baw campaign. It was therefore agreed that Ben would review this with the relevant staff with a view to extending the provision to general areas asap.

Following the Women’s World Cup the Trust asked whether the Club would be looking to improve their links with Norwich Ladies FC. In fact, they have already provided a significant contribution to their funding and have invited representatives to season ticket and kit launches as well as offering the use of the Carrow Road pitch for an exhibition game prior to a home match.

The Trust had previously put forward proposals for the use of Yellows on non-matchdays and the Club has also come up with ideas such as  Champions League game nights with pie and a pint and Legends chats with Chris Goreham. This is an ongoing discussion and will develop over time.

It was agreed that following last season’s success the Trust would look to organise two foodbank collection days this season, dates to be agreed and announced.

It was provisionally agreed that last season’s Canary Challenge winners would receive their cheques in a pitch presentation at half time in the Manchester City game.

There was a discussion about the system for share sale and purchase which has been somewhat protracted in the last year or so and this is under review.

Ben reported that the new sponsorship deal with Dafabet had generated nowhere near as much criticism as the one with Leo Vegas. One of the key factors in choosing Dafabet is that they will stay if City gets relegated and the fact that the sponsorship was a game changing number of multiple millions into the club which helps as a self-funded club.

The next meeting will be on 17th  October.

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