Canaries Trust at Royal Norfolk Show Trust is delighted to announce that we shall be at the Royal Norfolk Show on both days 26th and 27th June 2019.
We will be located inside the Norwich City tent with the Guess The Square competition, where you can win some NCFC prizes.  There will also be the return of the popular Roll-a-Ball game, with a chance to also win some great prizes.

Board members of the Canaries Trust will also be there to chat to, and to answer any questions.  You will also be able to join the Trust on the day.We look forward to seeing you all there

A personal appreciation of Roy Blower by Kathy Blake.

Like many others we at the Canaries Trust were shocked and saddened to hear of the death this week of Roy Blower.


Although Roy was probably Norwich City’s best-known supporter, you didn’t have to be a football fan to know of Roy. Prominent in local politics he became Lord Mayor in 2006, probably the proudest moment of his life.  He also involved himself with lots of other sports and causes, ran his own business and raised thousands of pounds for various charities. Ironically one of those was Parkinson’s research, the disease which eventually claimed his life. Roy had raised large sums of money for this excellent cause well before he found out that he too was suffering from it.


I have known Roy for almost twenty-five years and saw how he gradually became ill. I always felt however that the disease was no match for him. True it became gradually debilitating and affected his mobility, but it never claimed his humour or his zest for life. Right up to the end he would turn up unexpectedly at events in his wheelchair. He joined in everything as far as was physically possible. He came to the football club AGM in February and even managed to get to watch his beloved Canaries in action as recently as April 6th against Queens Park Rangers, a treat organised for his 76th birthday by his family.


When Roy was chairman of NCISA he always was helpful and encouraging of the Canaries Trust. Although the two organisations were quite different, he recognised that supporters Trusts had been vital at other clubs and always supported our fundraising activities and competitions. Whenever we needed information or advice, he was always there at the end of the phone ready to help.


Anyone who has ever met Roy will know that he has an endless stream of anecdotes about the Canaries and also Norfolk life in general, and this year after much badgering from friends and family he was persuaded to write a book about his life. In April he asked me to write the foreword to it. I was immensely proud an honoured to be asked. I’d never done anything similar before and was very nervous about presenting him with my efforts. When I took it round to show him, he was very pleased with it but we agreed that it sounded rather like an obituary. We both had a good laugh about it. Sadly, it turns out that it will be but it was typical of Roy that he should find it so funny. He was the most self-deprecating man I knew and always happy to have a joke at his own expense.


We will miss Roy very much and send our heart felt sympathies to his family and friends. RIP Roy. Very much one of our own.


Crisis at Bolton Wanderers

We, like all football fans, are concerned by the parlous state of affairs at Bolton Wanderers and following enquiries from some of our members about doing something to help staff who remain unpaid we have been in communication with the Supporters Trust there.

The situation is complicated given the relationship with the owner Ken Anderson and the involvement of the local Community Trust. Although we have yet to hear from the latter directly it appears that the feeling at that end is that there are issues to be resolved before offers of external help will be accepted, and I have just received the joint statement below from the two Bolton Trusts:

Joint statement from the Community Trust and the Supporters’ Trust

After recent discussions with the Community Trust regarding the ongoing difficulties surrounding staff wages and a subsequent meeting yesterday, it has been collectively decided that a more practical solution is needed to deal with the current distress being experienced by staff as a result of unpaid wages.

The Community Trust has been humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of goodwill together with massive levels of donations of both funds and provisions from all over the country and  have been in regular contact with the BWFCST during this process and also during previous incidences of non-payment of wages and wish to place on record their heartfelt thanks for offers of assistance from the Supporters’ Trust.

Questions have been asked about why there seems to be some difficulties in administering such generous offers of assistance. The simple answer is that both the BWCT and the BWFCST are regulated by the FCA. Those regulations place strict conditions, which must be complied with, regarding the use of such resources. Please rest assured that we are collectively continuing to look at ways of assisting in the current situation.

We are all in this together and will continue to find solutions by sticking together and assisting Phil Mason and his team wherever possible in continuing their community work.

Clearly we have to respect the views of the people on the spot, but we will maintain a dialogue with a view to offering whatever help is deemed most useful once we receive further updates.

Board members charity event

On the 22nd June Canaries Trust board members Kris Gunns and Chris Clarke will be taking part in a charity waxing event at the Woolpack pub at 3pm.

Kris is having his chest waxed whilst other Chris is having his legs done to aid  the Team U Pukki Canaryball rally which is raising money for The Community Sports Foundation.

Please pop along and support if you can and maybe if you donate some money the guys may let you do a wax strip yourself.

Donations can be received on the day or by going through this link:


2018/2019 Canary Challenge – Winners Announced

After celebrating our team’s massive achievement this year, once the final Championship fixtures were completed, we were able to confirm the winners of this season’s Canary Challenge.

Winner – Stephen Thorndyke (@Zipperslf)

2nd place – Di Cunningham (@di_ceee)

3rd place – Martin James (@SwindonCanary)

We are extremely grateful to our sponsors;

Mr Mortgage Adviser (,

4Sports Group (

Medler Turf (

For their continued support for our competitions.

We look forward to seeing you all again next season for our Premier League Canary Challenge 2019/2020!



C Challenge

2019 Sporting Challenge

Get ready to test your sporting predictions!

We are pleased to announce our next competition – the Sporting Challenge 2019.  Kindly sponsored by The Railway Tavern, Dereham.


All you have to do is simply predict the outcomes of eight sporting events, taking place over Spring/Summer 2019.

Entries cost £3 and the competition runs from 16th June to 1st November with the winners being announced on the 15th December 2019.  Closing dates for entries is 15th June 2019.

The winner is the person who’s scored the most points with their predictions and will take away a prize of £75.  Runner up will win £25.  Don’t forget to complete the tie-break question!!



Canaries Trust host media and sponsors event

Members of the Canaries Trust board hosted an event this week, to thank media contacts and competition sponsors for their support during the season.

The Departure Lounge, Norwich was bedecked in a sea of yellow and green for Michael Bailey’s Pink Un Live show, where he spoke to a number of contributors, who were in an exuberant mood following confirmation of our return to the Premier League.

Board members also took the opportunity to thank some of our competition sponsors for their support this season and to start laying the foundations for our media approach for our season in the Premier League.

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100 Club Winners – April 2019

At our recent Board meeting, the April 100 Club winners were drawn.

First prize of 68.25 was won by an anonymous winner, who wished for his prize to be donated back to the Trust!  Grateful thanks for your kind gesture Mr Anon.

Second prize of £29.25 was won by David Harper.

Congratulations to all of our winners.

If you would like the chance to win a cash prize every month, whilst supporting the Trust to continue buying shares in NCFC, please follow this link

100 club 2

April Meeting Minutes

Canaries Trust

Minutes of the meeting held Wednesday April 24th 2019.

Apologies for absence:


Minutes of the previous meeting:

The minutes of the March meeting were agreed as a true record and signed by the chairman.

Chairman’s Report:

The chairman welcomed Glenn Bate to the meeting and invited him to say a few words about himself. Glenn told the committee briefly about his work in health and safety and also as a result of his own ill health had a keen interest in disabled supporters’ issues.

RS told the committee about the meeting with Ben Kensell and said that it had been open and constructive. He felt we would have a more productive relationship with the club moving forward. Lynette Hannant and Rebecca Shearer would be points of contact and they planned to come to a future committee meeting.

Secretary’s Report:


Dr Jamie Iceland re sex and gender in sport (Di had dealt with this)
Sebastian Backman re Finnish Canaries
Denis Cox (via MT) letter of appreciation re 100 club winnings.

Treasurer’s Report:

Lloyds £1,762.05
PayPal £83.45
Co-operative £1,615.16
Go Cardless £23.60

Gross £3,482.26
(of this ring fenced is £400.00 Canary Challenge and £115.00 100 club, total £515.00).

MT suggested that JM be approached to do some catchy artwork to send to lapsed members. Action point JM!

There were three new ideas for memberships:

5-10 years pay in advance with possible discount.
Honorary life membership.
Lifetime membership


RS had already forwarded the following report:

RS Despite a valid suggestion that a personal telephone approach might be the best way to approach other groups, considerations of geographical spread and hence issues about cost and time differences resulted in a decision to generate an initial email which could then be followed up as required. This is what went to all groups on the Club’s register of contacts:
Hi to all of you!

As you may have noticed the Trust has been significantly revamped over the last couple of years and is now adopting a higher profile on the back of the Memorandum of Understanding that we signed with the Club last year.

While we have always tried to work closely with local supporter groups (Proud Canaries, Forces2Canaries and Barclay End Norwich all have seats on our board while keeping their own separate identities and agendas) we feel that with the greatly improved level of supporter liaison with the Club which was begun by Steve Stone and continued by Ben Kensell that now is to time to develop stronger bonds with other groups.

We feel that this could be achieved in several ways;

Trust board members meeting informally with more remote groups at away games in their area.

Arranging to meet overseas group members when they visit Norwich for games and, if their visit coincides with one of our meetings invite them to sit in.

For anyone geographically close enough to attend we have capacity to add more co-opted members on the same basis as the three groups mentioned above.

Mutual spreading of each other’s news items via Twitter, websites etc.

Input to the Trust to raise issues of interest/relevance to other groups at the quarterly meetings with the Club as set out in the Memorandum.

Perhaps you could let me know if any of this is of interest to you, and please feel free to suggest any other possible areas of co-operation that we haven’t thought of!

I had an immediate response from German Canaries who were interested in meets up and shared communications and also from Hong Kong Canaries who wanted to talk about the issue of getting tickets when they were back in the UK, something that we discussed with Ben at our recent meeting.

The Social Club said that they would discuss our proposals at their next meeting in June, although I now understand that their Chair is coming to our July board meeting.

Posh Canaries seemed to interpret the email as a request for funds and I have clarified this with them. Along Come Norwich are keen to share communications but feel that sending someone to board meetings is superfluous as they work so closely with Barclay End.

These are the responses I’ve had so far which is disappointing, but I would make two points. The first is that some “groups” are literally two or three fans and therefore have no real structure and the second is that the list I was given wasn’t exhaustive as it just contained those that had given their permission to the Club to publicise contacts. As I discovered this is also clearly out of date as several email addresses bounced and it’s worth noting that I’ve sent three emails requesting that our entry be amended following Mike’s retirement without achieving a result!

Given the outcome of the meeting with Ben I have asked the Club if they can provide contacts for other groups not listed as the fact that we have been tasked to provide liaison between other groups and the Club should hopefully outweigh data protection issues which limited the information that we were initially given.
Marketing and Comms:

Another busy and successful month in terms of raising the profile of the Canaries Trust. All members of the Marketing and Communications Team have made significant contributions to this, as have other board members. Our short-term aim is to continue to maintain similar levels of exposure and interest in Trust activities through to the beginning of the new season and to have a forward plan prepared ready for life in the Premier League!


Monthly Pink ‘Un Show held 3 April at Departure Lounge. M& C work stream met to discuss and progress various initiatives on behalf of CT.
First meeting with main board representatives held 1 April. Met with Ben Kensell. All attending considered the meeting to be successful. Of particular relevance to M&C were:
Agreement of regular matchday programme pages dedicated to the Canaries Trust.
Further discussions and open view about future non-matchday use of Yellows.
ACV agreement (‘blessing’), moved further forward and the potential PR attached to this.

One – off article appeared in matchday programme, written by Kathy Blake. Good Friday edition, 19 April 2019.
Global Canaries Day: Chris Clarke, Chris Newby, Andy and Maria Polley attended the ‘party’ hoisted by the Club in the afternoon before the match. Several opportunities to discuss CT and potential memberships with several groups.
Chris C., Chris N. and Any P. had the honour of parading the CT banner at half time.

Items in Progress:

Plans for media collaboration event being delivered:
‘Tavolata’ style evening with key media invited. To be held Wednesday 1 May.
The event will be held at ‘Departure Lounge’, 99, Prince of Wales Road, Norwich.
The Pink ‘Un Show will be broadcast as usual from Departure Lounge between 6 and 7pm and they are billing it as a ‘promotion special’ where there will be more of a ‘walkabout’ approach for the show, to interview and engage with the party guests.
Departure Lounge along with our help, will be gearing up to flood the place in yellow and green; balloons, inflatable canaries etc and all staff will be in NCFC shirts! We are also encouraging our guests to wear their colours too.
A buffet that will meet most dietary needs will be served and we will also have wine and beer available.
Entry along with the food and drink will be free although we will ask attendees to make a suitable donation towards costs. A ‘gentle collection bucket’ will be available for this purpose.  Entry will be by invitation only.
The proposed invitation list:
Pink Un Team, 4: Radio Norfolk, 4 Anglia, 2, My Football Writer, 4, Re-Wind Norwich, 2, Along Come Norwich, 2, Barclay End / Atmosphere Group say, 6.
Specific invites to be sent by email.
We need to finalise numbers by 3pm Thursday 25 April. Wherever possible, guests are being asked to arrive 5.45 / 6pm, in order to help achieve a ‘party feel’ for the Pink Un show.
Quarterly newsletter re-launch being co-ordinated with a monthly / six-weekly bulletin email for paid up members. KG leading. Artwork currently being added by JM and new memberships being included to distribution list by GF. Subject to sight of final draft, first issue is imminent. AP/MT /KG to meet before production of 2nd issue.
CT performance dashboard being developed to include: membership, shareholdings, funds as well as works stream performance, AP/MT.
Review of website and how to enhance further is underway, JM with CC. This should gather fresh pace as JM has now completed the Paris Marathon.
Supporter Groups Summer Cup on 8 June: Plans for promotional approach to be developed.

Next Steps:
Short Term:
Finalise and agree a CT 12-18 month rolling plan.
Finalise and source a membership joining pack, to include certificate and membership card.
Merchandising Range proposals to be developed by 31 May.
AP and NB to draft an options analysis / business plan regarding community use of Yellows.
AP to lead on drafting of a ‘marketing offer’ to present to Dipple and Conway and possibly one other business to try and secure significant annual contribution to CT funds.
Email addresses / business cards / new CT leaflets etc need to be organised.
Medium Term:
Devise how we will prepare copy for the match day programme next year. Will include personal profiles of board members, one by one and latest news of our events.
Plan for another Foodbank event for next season but ensure all ‘lessons learned’ have been captured. AP/NB.
To build a strategic relationship and engagement plan with media colleagues, particularly with next season in mind.
To support greater engagement, understanding and rapport across all supporter groups.
To agree a target for increasing CT membership with other work streams and devise a supporting promotional plan.

Shares Update:

Completions (April ‘19).
PB – 20 Ordinary.
PB – 4 Ordinary – donation.
JP – 4 Ordinary – donation.

Under offer.
NH (DCD) – 4 Ordinary.
TB (DCD) – 10 Ordinary.
JERB – 300 A-Preference.

Offers accepted.
HEPI – 20 Ordinary.
AS – 24 Ordinary.
AS – 5 B-Preference.

Revised share holdings (as at 24 April ‘19.)
Ordinary shares – 2,678 (with 58 ongoing).
A-Preference – 1,100 (with 300 ongoing).
B-Preference – 10 (with 5 ongoing).


CC reported the following:

964 views (April)
500 visits
Most popular in descending order – NCFC shares, BEN news article, Canary Challenge, Canary Ball rally, joining page (? improve), NB in the Daily Mail.
RS said he was surprised at the lack of response to minutes of the meeting with the club.

Forthcoming events:

Media event 1/5/19:
AP requested formal responses to the invitation so that he had an idea of numbers Action point all!

RNS: KB has almost completed the rota for the show. Just waiting from AP and CN to sort out their working arrangements Action point AP CN! KB to ask SL if he would like to join in Action point KB!

Planned activities: Roller ball, Squares (KB to supply sheets) Action point KB, possible power point presentation Action points MT to find out if there will be a power supply and if yes JM to give thought to the presentation Contactless payment point.

Trust POTS

Trust to choose a POTS and young POTS. Deferred to next meeting.

Any other business: –

RS: Monthly minutes to go on the Trust website.
KB: The Trust has been invited to take part in the CSF quiz at the nest on 20th June. Accepted. Trust team: CN, CC, KB, KG, MM(?), Trish Thorpe. Action point KB to ask MM!
NT: F2C had participated in a pre-match 5 a side tournament at Wigan. Hoped to make this a regular thing.
MT: JM thinks that It is likely that there is a Trust flag somewhere. RS thinks John Leggett had it for fire certification. Action point! MT to chase.
AP: The Global Canaries Event had been an enormous success and he was very proud to have taken part.
AP: Any update on the June 8th five-a-side tournament? Action point! RS to chase JM.
CC: KB had been rather dropped in at the deep end with the secretary’s job. Patience needed.
GF: Had anyone contacted the auditor? John Easton had given him a bottle of wine. Action point! MM to update committee.
GF: Please put a subject on emails. This is helpful when searching for things.
MT: Please don’t use ‘reply to all’ unnecessarily.
DH: Had managed to take 3 flags into the ground against Sheff Wed and questioned how stringent the flag rule was being implemented.
DH: On holiday for three weeks so suggested launch of Sporting Challenge delayed for one week.

Date of next meeting:-

Wednesday May 29th 2019.