New Membership Competition win a signed Alex Tettey Shirt

Introducing… The Canaries Trust!

The Canaries Trust is part of a growing network of Supporters Trusts throughout the UK and is run on a non-profit basis by an elected board of volunteers, with the primary purpose of raising funds to purchase shares in Norwich City Football Club on behalf of the fans.

With modern football moving from its community roots to a more corporate approach it is only by supporters holding a significant shareholding that they can be sure of having a voice on important matters.

As well as regular communications with the club, we are also actively involved via our membership of the Football Supporters’ Association on national issues, such as trying to obtain agreement from clubs to cap the price of away tickets, to combat homophobia and racism at grounds, as well as the ongoing debate about safe standing.

However, the most important reason for the Canaries Trust to exist is that players, managers and even owners come and go but through the good times and the bad, the fans are there for life.

A large fan shareholding is an insurance policy against unforeseen events at our Football Club, and currently the Canaries Trust sits as the 14th largest shareholder in the club, on behalf of our members.

On 1st February 2018 the Trust signed its historic Memorandum of Understanding with the Club, only the second British trust to do so.

So, if you want to show your support for the club by having a stake in a growing shareholding and a channel for sensible dialogue with the club on matters that fans care about, then we would love to welcome you on board.

Membership costs just £12 per year. We also have an Alex Tettey signed Away shirt from the 2018/19 Championship winning season to give away. Anyone who signs up before the 1st November will go into a draw, with the chance of winning.

Please visit, or contact Kathy at to sign up, or if you would like further information.

Kathy Blake Trust Security

David Powell

Like Norwich City fans everywhere the Trust were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of David Powell in a tragic accident this week.

Much as already been written about David elsewhere and there’s not much more that we can say except that a lot of our friends were his close friends and we are so very sorry .

David always supported the Trust in our competitions and events. It will be so strange not having him around anymore.

We will miss you.

Royal Norfolk Show Winner Receives Signed Shirt

Meet Charlie!

He is the lucky winner of our Royal Norfolk Show competition last month. He chose number 380 which was randomly selected after the show and won a Norwich City shirt signed by this season’s Premier League squad.

Charlie is eleven years old and comes from Catfield near North Walsham. He loves playing football and is a member of his age group’s Pan-disability team. You can find out more about this worthwhile project here:

Royal Norfolk Show Winner Charlie with his signed shirt

Meeting with Club on issues relating to ground safety and the Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

Present: Ben Kensell, Andy Batley, Glenn Bate, Kathy Blake.

1.  Recent SAG meeting had been short. It was too soon to discuss closure on last season and too soon to discuss next season.

2.  A safety inspection had been carried out at Carrow Rd. Three areas were examined and given scores between 0 and 1.0. This is an excellent score

3.  Physical – despite Carrow Rd being an old stadium and the fact improvements are need it was scored 1.0. An annual survey by engineers had been satisfactory and there was no reduction in capacity needed.

4.  Management – all stewards training was up to date. Again 1.0

5.  Medical- Last year’s data can’t be shared as people’s medical history is private. Records limited to what, where and when, not who. The FL require that there are 21 First Aiders at home games including one fixed ambulance behind the Barclay which doesn’t move except in extenuating circumstances.

6.  The stadium is fully equipped with medical equipment. A fully trained nurse is present and minor surgery like stitching can be carried out at the groundBritish Red Cross was replaced with St Johns Ambulance at the start of last season and SJA will continue for the coming season. There are 5 defibrillators situated at the ground and 5 extra on match days. All of those who have had heart attacks at the ground have survived. Carrow Rd is the best place in Norfolk to have a heart attack!  Again 1.0.

7.  Au audit by Health and Safety had been carried out at the home match with Blackburn. Unfortunately, that was the game when a smoke grenade had been set off.  Nevertheless, the club passed because of the way that they handled the situation.

8.  Persistent standing is never going to go away although rail seats may be the answer. BK pointed out this was expensive with no tangible reward and who pays? Nobody is allowed to congregate around aisles.  BK and AB travelling to Wolves to observe their rail seats and to discuss implementation problems.

9.  Electrics- All electrical equipment had been tested. Health and Safety only required two stands at a time doing but NCFC had done the whole lot. Moving forward, one would be done each year.

10.  Steward training started with just basics like ‘Mr Carrow’ and fire alarms. After 4 games this is increased to NVQ level 2. The soft start is because there is a considerable drop off at the beginning so it would be a waste. Training is assessed by an external board and qualifications can be used at other clubs.

11.  Simulations are carried out in two ways: Table top and at a genuine game. 

12.  Evacuation of the stadium- Should take 8 minutes. Assessing how quickly the stadium empties after a game is a good indication, but last season people weren’t keen to leave because of the success/Farke wave etc.

13.  Preseason work – Gunn Club not quite finished yet

14.  VAR work still not completed. Where a decision is overturned a 5 second clip will be shown on the big screen with no sound. It will be trialled  at the Atalanta friendly.

After the meeting had concluded AB expressed interest in attending a Trust committee meeting. KB informed him of forthcoming dates. 

He also said he was happy to share things like safety certificates with the Trust as long as we could ensure they wouldn’t end up on social media.

He also said it may be possible for GB to attend a debrief meeting following the next SAG meeting in September. 

All of these things are dependent on confidentiality being maintained by the Trust.

Trust quarterly meeting with Ben Kensell on 18th July

It was noted that the Royal Norfolk Show had gone well and had been very successful for the Trust who had produced record receipts, partly due to the fact that the Club tent had been more professionally organised than in recent years.

The Trust requested up to date figures on memberships and these currently stand at:

7873 home memberships sold (of which 1561 are Standard)

6973 away memberships sold (of which 245 are Standard)

Ben explained that the consultation process on next season’s membership scheme will start in September and will involve a series of meetings, perhaps one with fan groups, another prioritising those who complained to the Club, and another with a selection of fans from each stand. Details to be announced soon.

Ben also confirmed that tickets for the executive away packages would come from the players’ allocation not from the allocation for fans.

The new matchday programme will have extra pages with a new style front cover. The Trust will have a regular feature in it.

Ben reported that promotion has resulted in considerable expenditure on ground improvements, most of which are Premier League requirements, such as new Perspex dugouts, extra camera platforms, new Mix zone, changes to changing areas, additional broadcasting requirements, VAR technology and a female officials changing room. However, there has also been a big programme of seat replacement in the City Stand and a revamped concourse with many more points of sale and improved toilets in the Regency Stand. This is part of an ongoing phased approach to improving the general infrastructure at Carrow Road. The fans survey has led to areas of focus around what needs to be improved first.

The issue of free sanitary products had been put back until the new Operations Manager takes up post at the end of August. They are already provided in hospitality areas, but the Club’s view was that general area toilets need to be upgraded before the service was extended to them. The Trust’s view is that while it is clearly imperative that toilet facilities are improved this can’t now happen until next summer and this is too long to delay the provision of free sanitary products given the number of clubs already signing up to the On the Baw campaign. It was therefore agreed that Ben would review this with the relevant staff with a view to extending the provision to general areas asap.

Following the Women’s World Cup the Trust asked whether the Club would be looking to improve their links with Norwich Ladies FC. In fact, they have already provided a significant contribution to their funding and have invited representatives to season ticket and kit launches as well as offering the use of the Carrow Road pitch for an exhibition game prior to a home match.

The Trust had previously put forward proposals for the use of Yellows on non-matchdays and the Club has also come up with ideas such as  Champions League game nights with pie and a pint and Legends chats with Chris Goreham. This is an ongoing discussion and will develop over time.

It was agreed that following last season’s success the Trust would look to organise two foodbank collection days this season, dates to be agreed and announced.

It was provisionally agreed that last season’s Canary Challenge winners would receive their cheques in a pitch presentation at half time in the Manchester City game.

There was a discussion about the system for share sale and purchase which has been somewhat protracted in the last year or so and this is under review.

Ben reported that the new sponsorship deal with Dafabet had generated nowhere near as much criticism as the one with Leo Vegas. One of the key factors in choosing Dafabet is that they will stay if City gets relegated and the fact that the sponsorship was a game changing number of multiple millions into the club which helps as a self-funded club.

The next meeting will be on 17th  October.



Yes it’s that time of year again folks, get your thinking caps on and try to predict the top 6 and bottom 3 clubs of the 2019/20 Premier League season.

For just £3 per entry or 4 £10 you have the chance to win either £250, £100 or £50

All money raised will go towards the purchase of NCFC shares increasing our stake in the club and giving the fans a voice to the running of NCFC

Head over the the Canary Challenge page at to get all the entry details you need



Winner of signed shirt announced

Thanks to everyone who took part in our ever popular Royal Norfolk Show pick a square competion to win a City shirt signed by the coming season’s squad. This year we had a record number of entries, and, as ever once the Show had finished we used a random number generator to pick the winning square which was number 380 chosen by Angela Allard. Or so we thought…..

In fact when we contacted Angela to give her the good news we discovered that Angela’s squares had been picked by her 11 year old son, Charlie, so he will be receiving a signed shirt later this month and we gather he’s rather excited about it. Well done Charlie!

Report on meeting with the Club about the new membership scheme

The meeting took place last night and involved ourselves, Capital Canaries, Forces2Canaries, Proud Canaries, Barclay End Norwich and Along Come Norwich along with various Club staff including Ben Kensell and Head of Ticketing Danny Casey.

Ben made it clear that he accepted that the process had been badly handled and that consultation should have been wider and much earlier. He also accepted that the new scheme needed to evolve but that it was virtually impossible to find something that everyone was happy with, citing the fact that there were many elements of the old scheme that had been heavily criticised, such as the disproportionate advantage given to home season ticket holders in obtaining away tickets as a result of the automatic application of 1000 loyalty points.

It was clear from the discussion around the table that even within such a small group there were plenty of areas of disagreement which would be hugely magnified over the fan base as a whole, but there was a robust discussion with various ideas put forward although Ben made it clear that as the only self-funding club in the Premier League it was vital that City generated as much income as possible and that any change to the new scheme would need to produce the same level of income as it was already in the budget.

He also said that the burden had been disproportionately laid on away tickets as the Club was reluctant to risk upsetting the 20K plus who have home season tickets by increasing their costs even by £10 per year ( this was in response to a suggestion that the cost of away memberships be reduced and a small increase in season ticket prices be implemented to make up the shortfall).

The Club have sold 6000 away memberships and the expectation is that at most grounds our allocation will be 3000 which raises the spectre of lots of unhappy people who want to go to marquee games like the new stadia at West Ham and Spurs or easy to get to London games like Chelsea and Arsenal and it was put to the Club that the initial furore would almost certainly be repeated as these key points.

One area that all present agreed on was the need to do more to encourage children (the next generation of fans) and families and Ben will discuss this with the board and get back to us.

It was also agreed that the consultation process which starts now and will culminate in agreement on arrangements for the 2020/21 in January had to involve individual fans as well as fan groups due to the wide range of opinions. Even within our own groups it was evident that there were wide ranging views and we don not pretend to have all the answers or to speak for everyone.

To conclude it was never going to be the case that much would change this year with so many people, despite their misgivings, having bought into the membership scheme, but what we (the fanbase generally, not just the supporter groups) can do is make sure that the next iteration of the scheme is more widely acceptable and that will require a willingness to engage positively. The Club have without question made a hash of this although there is no doubt that the system needed to change. However to change it so radically with minimal consultation was a major error which the Club accept.

That provides a starting point for a move towards something better, but our research into the schemes used at the other Premier League clubs shows that none are universally liked. That, however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be striving for something that satisfies more people and we will continue to do that.