100 Club January Draw

The following winners were drawn for the January 100 Club at our regular monthly Board Meeting.
1st prize of £68.25 was won by an anonymous benefactor, who wished for his winnings to be donated back to the Trust – thank you!
2nd prize of £29.25 was won by Tom Mortimer.
If you would like a chance to win a monthly cash prize, please follow the link below:
Not only will you have a chance to win some £££s, you will also be helping us raise further funds to buy more shares in our Football Club!

Members of the Trust board take part in quiz in aid of the Community Sports Foundation

Last night 4 members of the trusts board where joined by two other members in taking part in the Norwich City Social Fans Social Club annual quiz in aid of Community Sports Foundation.

We finished a respectable joint 9th and in total the evening raised a massive £3434 for Community Sports Foundation which will go to completing phase 2 of The Nest



Board members Kathy Blake, Mal Mortimer, Chris Clarke, Chris Gunns and two members taking part in the Norwich City Social Fans Social Club annual quiz for the CSF.

Meeting with Club on 30th January

As part of our ongoing engagement with the Club Robin Sainty and Glenn Bate met with Ben Kensell. While inevitably some aspects of the meeting have to remain confidential we can report on the following.

One of the main issues discussed was safe standing which the Club is keen to take a prominent position on, in order to build on the meeting with Tracey Crouch last year. As the only club to obtain a face to face meeting with her, City are very much in the forefront on this issue and wish to continue in that position with a meeting with the new Sports Minister under discussion. We had a useful discussion about how to ensure that the needs of all fans can be satisfied should the legislation change. Clearly this will be a complex issue and therefore fan input is vital.

In that context we discussed the possibility of fan groups having more direct input into the local Safety Advisory Group and will await developments on that front.
We also discussed the guests for our annual AGM which is on 14th March and we hope to announce these soon.

Finally we discussed ways in which the overall fan experience can be improved, and we expect to see progress on that front in the coming weeks

Canaries Trust Dip for CSF

Boxing Day – traditionally a day for reflecting on how much you consumed on Christmas Day, maybe a leisurely stroll to work off those Christmas excesses and, for one year only, three hardy Trust souls braving the North Sea! What seemed like a good idea back in relatively balmy October, seemed a lot less sensible as we were stood on the sands at Mundesley, looking at the ominous grey clouds circling and trying to work out how long it would take to lose feeling in our toes!!

The Chairman came prepared with his Neoprene wetsuit and apres-DrySuit (some would say that’s cheating, in hindsight it was probably genius!), myself and Kathy came prepared with a never-say-die attitude and a friend who was a cameraman – good planning Kathy!

A quick photo with the CSF crew and then we were preparing ourselves to enter the fray!! And enter we did – Kathy went for a full on run into the waves and didn’t appear to stop for quite some time, I lost sight of Robin early on and I managed to make a not-so-gracious splash into the Sea as I lost my balance on the shingle – so much for only going in up to my waist!!

Despite the Chairman’s initial reservations, he gleefully went back for more, with Kathy and myself shaking our heads in disbelief!!

What’s equally hard to believe is how much money we raised – all for chucking ourselves into the North Sea, albeit a very chilly North Sea.

As at the date of this article, we are sitting at £1379.88, which is not only an incredible amount in itself, it’s far more than I thought we’d raise!! Thanks to each and every one of you who has sponsored us, no matter how great or small an amount. It is genuinely appreciated, not just by ourselves but by the Community Sports Foundation, who will be using these funds towards their #buildthenest project.

Now who’s up for a Dip on Boxing Day 2019!?

For further information about the Community Sports Foundation and their Nest project, please take a look at the following:


If you wish to sponsor us, there’s still time for us to break the £1400 mark – please take a look at our Just Giving page:


Thanks again.
Mandie Thorpe
Vice Chair

The Canaries Trust Visits The Nest


This week the Canaries Trust Board held their regular monthly meat The Nest and took the opportunity to meet the tour de force behind the project, Jackie Thornton.

You really can’t help but be captured by the enthusiasm that Jackie brings to the project, bringing to life the transformation from the former Anglian Windows Social Club venue, eventually a multi-purpose community hub.

When completed the Nest will feature an indoor sports hall, a gymnasium, a floodlit 3G football pitch, classroom facilities. The clubhouse will be renovated (some of which has already taken place), with the installation of residential “bunk boxes” and the relaying of seven grass football pitches, which was completed this summer.

To make this fantastic facility a reality though means that they need to raise £2.5m and have therefore launched a public fundraising campaign #buildthenest.

Every donation, large or small, will contribute to getting this huge and unprecedented project over the finish line, to provide a fantastic asset to the community around Norwich and Norfolk.

Jackie talked us through some of t the Nest will change lives, including:

Tackling Norfolk’s inactivity:

* Each year, 1,000 people will access a 60 station all- inclusive community gym.
* Each year, 650 people with disabilities will take part in sports and physical activity, supported by our skilled team.
* Each year, 6,000 grassroots footballers of all ages and abilities will use the 3G and renovated grass pitches.

Boosting Social Mobility.

* Each year, 250 Young people will study and train with our football and education programmes.
* Each year, 135 vulnerable adults who are homeless or unemployed will improve their skills and increase their life chances with us.
* 27 Full time equivalent jobs will be created and 600 people a year will be supported in work related training.

Improving Health and Well-Being:

* Each year, 320 over 55’s will take part in sports and social sessions such as the Extra Time project.
* Each year, 70 people suffering from mental and physical illness will access support activities and services such as dementia cafes health fit clubs.
* Each year, 100 children and young people will take part in our Fit4It healthy lifestyle programme.

The Trust are proud to support such a wonderful project and would recommend taking a proper look at:


Chair, Robin Sainty, Vice Chair, Mandie Thorpe, plus  Kathy Blake, are braving the North Sea on Boxing Day to help raise funds. If you could spare a pledge for our ‘3 Degrees’ please take a look at our Just Giving page:


If you are able to spare a donation or even your time to help at their fundraising events, please contact the Community Sports Foundation and help them to #buildthenest


November 100 Club Winners

November 100 Club Winners

Congratulations to our 100 Club winners:

1st Prize of £66.50 was won by Kathryn Briggs – well done Kathryn.

Our 2nd Prize winner has again very kindly donated his prize winnings of £28.50 back to the Canaries Trust!

If you would like a chance to win a monthly cash prize, please follow the link below:


Not only will you have a chance to win each  month, you will also be helping us raise further funds to buy more shares in our Football Club!

Norwich City AGM

Norwich City AGM

At a packed Carrow Road recently, Trust board members attended the Norwich City Football Club Annual General Meeting. The Trust was live-tweeting throughout the event and the following headlines were reported:

• Formal business, which included 4 resolutions to be voted on: Accounts passed, re-election of both Ed Balls and Tom Smith to the board and the re-appointment of the auditors – all of these were carried.
• Broadcasting revenues down from £52.4m in 16/17 to £7.5m forecasted for 18/19.
• Operating costs reduced from £73.9m in 16/17 down to £50.2m forecasted for 18/19.
• Football department costs, which includes wages and Colney, reduced from £48.2m in 16/17 to £31.1m forecast for 18/19.
• Cash position at Year End was £16.1m, forecast to be -£5.0m by the end of 18/19.
• A promotional video was shown (if you get the chance, please watch it), followed by some words from Delia and Michael.
• Q&A session followed, including questions around EFL TV deal, auditors remuneration, breaches of FFP regulations, LeoVegas and wider issues around gambling and sponsorship, contract negotiations for DF and SW, penalties, promotion push and funding for such, together with question around keeping players, Bonds, SW ambitions, girls football, Wes & Russ acknowledgement / testimonials, safe standing, away dressing rooms plans (which was met with light-hearted laughter).

Boxing Day Dip for the Community Sports Foundation #buildthenest

The Community Sports Foundation (CSF) has announced plans for a Christmas fundraiser and our ‘3 Degrees’ (Chairman Robin Sainty, Vice Chair Mandie Thorpe and Kathy Blake) have bravely accepted the challenge.
On Boxing Day, along with a few other foolish souls, they will brave the North Sea at Mundesley for a Boxing Day Dip.
Please take a look at our Just Giving page and, if you can, pledge some sponsorship to make the cold slightly more bearable! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/canaries-trust
You may like to take a look at the CSF website for further details of their #buildthenest project https://www.communitysportsfoundation.org.uk/build-the-nest/about-the-nest/

Thank you!

October 100 Club winners!

Congratulations to our 100 Club winners for October.

1st prize of £66.50 was won by Robert Old – well done Robert!

Our 2nd prize winner has very kindly donated his winnings of £28.50 back to the Canaries Trust!

If you would like a chance to win a monthly cash prize, please follow the link below:


Not only will you have a chance to win, you will also be helping us raise further funds to buy more shares in our Football Club!