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In the hands of the fans! So far the Trust has purchased 1580 of NCFC Ordinary Shares on behalf of fans, making fans the 15th largest NCFC Shareholder.

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Trust statement on New Structure

The Canaries Trust welcomes the new management structure announced today by the NCFC Board.

Structure matters, and needs to be altered over time. The Trust applauds the Board for acknowledging the...

Trust statement on Alex Neil

The Canaries Trust wishes to express its appreciation for the Board's decisive and - in our view - correct action in parting company with Alex Neil. We recognise it was not an easy step to take.


Trust AGM report

The Trust AGM was held last Thursday at Carrow Road. The Chairman reported a highly successful year in terms of share purchase and new memberships and stressed the need for the fans to have as large a...

"State of the Canary Nation" debate

With the club hopefully emerging from a difficult few months both on and off the pitch we hope that as many people as possible will attend our AGM debate with Canary broadcasting icons Chris Goreham a...

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