Buy, Sell Or Gift Your NCFC Shares

The first priority of Canaries Trust is to continuously increase it’s shareholding in Norwich City Football Club through share purchase or bequest so that Norwich City fans will forever have a financial stake in the Club.

For those Norwich City supporters who wish to acquire or dispose of shares, the Canaries Trust, as an established shareholder, has set up this service to put you in touch with buyers and sellers. Please note this service relates to shares in Norwich City Football Club NOT the Supporters Trust.

As the Trust is funded by membership subscriptions and fundraising events, we seek a £10 minimum listing fee, or 3% of the anticipated sale price over £350 for hosting the vendors initials on our website for a 3 month time period.

The Trust is unable to offer any advice to potential buyers or sellers in relation to the price of shares in the Football Club. It is for buyers and sellers to agree a sale price between themselves. The Trust accepts shares from donors and is willing, subject to available funds, to acquire shares from existing shareholders.

Share Donors

  • M. Penney
  • C. Dennis
  • R. Durrant
  • C.E. Reynolds
  • Mr Botwright
  • I. Mills (deceased)
  • J Peppard

Seeking to Sell

Name      Number of Shares                    Price

  • P R R                  300                              Under offer
  • P C                      400                              £80 per share

Seeking to Buy

Name     Number of Shares               Offer Price

  • J M                       100+                    Subject to Negotiation
  • M B                           1                     Subject to Negotiation
  • A D                       ANY                    Subject to Negotiation
  • H L                          5                       Subject to Negotiation